Ellijay 2003
Bull Mountain
Dairy Queen
Stanley Gap

The annual Memorial Day or Labor Day (depending on how many people are in good enough shape at the time) trip to Ellijay, GA

Every year anyone that at one point was affiliated wit the Bicycle Caste bike shop goes on a trip to Ellijay, GA. We ride at least three trails and spend a lot of time eating at southern restaurants and the Dairy Queen. Ellijay is the type of town that has an empty highway and barbwire along the side of the gas station.

This year a few things were different from the past. First, the majority of the riders got fatter and lazier than previous years. So to compensate, they all brought dirtbikes. By all I mean Paul, Shannon, Larry, Glen and Scott (the newcomer). With big, bikes we need bigger trucks.

Best Blood

The only good thing about bringing dirtbikes along is that there would be more blood than ever. Unfortunately all that we got was a few large bruises on Glen's back.