Places that we have visited...

Medford, WI 2002
This was Sebastian's first Thanksgiving with Colleen's family and his first time in Medford. Thank god that Colleen's parents sold their house in Medford and are building a new one in Stratford.

Beech Mountain, NC 2003
On January 1st the Harston family invited us on a ski trip to North Carolina. How we fit 16 people in a small house and managed to have a blast is beyond us.

Maui 2003
Colleen's family all got together in Maui for a week. How can anything ever go wrong in paradise? Excellent food, nice surf and great people everywhere.

Miami Beach, FL 2003
I gave Colleen a tour of all of the hospitals that I visited while growing up.

Ellijay, GA 2003
This was a combination annual mountain bike trip/bachelor party for Sebastian.

Chile 2003
Got married, moved in together, took a long trip to Chile.

Stratford, WI 2003
Our first Thanksgiving together since we got married.

New York, NY 2004
Hillary and Matt got married on February 21 in NYC. The whole family was there and it was an awesome time.

Cincinnati, OH 2004
Aaron and Melissa got married.

St. Paul, MN
Aile and Nick got married.

Stratford, WI 2004
Thanksgiving in Wisconsin. What can go wrong?

Beech Mountain, NC 2005
Back to the slopes. This time with twice the company.

Maui, HI 2005
More surf, more people, more fun.

Stratford, WI 2005
Thanksgiving in the summer?

Stratford, WI 2006
The Hughes picnic

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