Wakeboarding on Johns Lake, FL

Last weekend Colleen, Kai and I went wakeboarding with Paul, Lydia, Lorelai and Pat. This was cool because it was Kai's first time on a boat.

It was also my first time wakeboarding in 13 years or so. Back then it was called skurfing. Even then I really had little interest in the sport because the boards were clumsy and the binding were rubber ski bindings. I preferred skiing at the time. Either way I had no trouble getting up on the first pull.

What does our resident judge, Lorelai, have to say about my first ride?

I agree, let me try again?

I don't think she was very excited about that run either.

Let me try it again.

There's no way that I was gonna land that.

Too low.

Too short.

I don't know what happened there.

At least that time I got the tail down.

Getting better.

Now that's more like it. What does our judge have to say now?

I think she's taking a break. Lets ask Kai.

I think he likes it. :-D

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