My first longboard (skate)

I've always surfed shortboards. Not that I thought anything bad about longboarding, but I just never really saw myself doing it. The only time that I ever rode anything over 7' was when I broke my collar bone. It was just easier to paddle a floaty board. And this was just an 8' egg.

When I went to Hawaii with Colleen and her family, the surf was small and I decided to give it a try. I still tried to ride them like short boards and it wasn't until I got back to Florida that I realized the difference between the two worlds. In order to improve my cross stepping and style I decided to build a skateboard that I can walk on and nose ride.

I used two sheets of ¼" birch and sanwitched them to make a curved bouncy deck. It was the first time that I had ever shaped a skateboard, but it didn't come out too badly. My next one will be a bit wider and have a longer and wider nose so I can really simulate a surfing nose ride.

4' x 12" x 6" x ½"
Diamond tail

- sebastian

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