Whenever there isn't any surf, we have to find something to do.

The Kitchen
We got rid of the geese and textured the wall. Then everything just fell into place after that...

Climbing wall
Sebastian didn't feel like paying somebody every time that he wanted to act like a monkey. Instead, he decided to build a climbing wall in the guest bedroom.

My first long(skate)board
I built my first longboard. Not too bad and tons of fun.

Halloween 2003
The most important holiday of the year and this was our first as a married couple.

Front of our house
We made a small attempt to make the front of our house more appealing.

Charley was here...
Charley made a few changes to our house and the need for electricity.

Wakeboarding on Johns Lake, FL
Colleen Kai and I went wakeboarding.

New House
We're buying a new house in Melbourne, FL.

Hurricane Wilma 2005
She was fast and not too destructive, but still a pain.

Halloween 2005
Kai's first real Halloween.

Built another skateboard
This one is much better.

Shaping a surfboard
Coming soon...

2007 pre-Halloween photos
For the past three years we've made it customary to go nuts and do as many Halloween activities prior to the actual holiday. This increases our candy storage for the upcoming year and lets us put some millage on the new wagon design. And the costumes too.

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