We made a few changes to the front of our house.

This is the front of the house. (Before and after)

Added some color and flowers to the mailbox. (Before and after)

We added a flowerbed to the big tree.

We got rid of an annoying bush that Colleen always hit with the door of Sebastian's truck when getting out of it and added some flowers. We also moved the frogs from the entryway to the lawn. They'll get stollen by next week.

We got rid of some dirty purple plants and added a flowers and moved the big frog thing from in front of the bushes.

We got rid of the old ugly numbers and added the plaque that Sebastian's cousin (Carla 'Monina') made for us as a wedding gift. And we added some hanging flowers.

We got rid of the screen door, hung some lanterns and vines and added some hanging flowers.

The grass looks dead because we dug out tons of roots and weeds to put in the flowerbeds and also kicked up a lot of dirt while digging and planting. Hopefully the dirt will wash away and the grass will grow back. If not, we're going to start collecting stray sod from the side of the highway. :-D

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