Charley has here...

As most of you may already know, hurricane Charley paid central florida a visit last Friday (the 13th). Fortunately we're all fine, but it hasn't been the best weekend that we've ever had. Most of the time we were either cleaning up debris from our yard or figuring out how to cook what we have left in our fridge without power.

We don't really have any interior rooms in our house. THe closest is our guest bathroom, but it has a skylight and didn't seem too safe. So we closed all of the bedroom/bathroom/closet doors and set up camp in the smallest area of out hallway. Colleen and I would take turns holding Kai while we would take short trips to the living room to see what was going on out side.

Once the storm calmed down a little, I took the first trip out side to see what had happened. The first thing that I noticed was that our maple tree had fallen over and landed on our neighbors' driveway.

This is the front of the house. (Before and after)

After the storm was completely gone, we both went outside to look around. We tryed to see what the damage was, but it was dark and very late. We just went to sleep and decided to check things out the next morning.

In the back yard we lost the gate that lead to the back yard.

One of our trees lost a few branches.

And our neighbors' solar panels shattered on our back lawn.

This is how our house looked on Saturday morning.

Under the tree we found this. It must have come from a few houses down. At least now we know that our neighbors have really bad taste in beer.

Kai and I took advantage of our new tree bench.

And the flowers are still standing. This is just a shot from the tree looking at the roots.

This is how our house looked on Sunday after we cleaned up most of the tree. We didn't get to finish because it began to rain again on Saturday afternoon through the night.

This is one little survivor. He was trying to cross the street. When I went to pick him up his tail look a bit injured, but I'm sure he'll be fine.

This guy was hanging out on our back porch. He has a small wound on his forehead and was leaping in circles. as I tired to get him ot the grass. I eventually got him to jump onto my hand and I placed him on a branch. As of Monday morning, he's still doing well and has jumped from branch to branch in two days.

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