About Sebastian

In the far away land of ViƱa del Mar
Two young hippies were near a bar.
The two didn't meet through a fuss or a fit
But it all happened through a banana split.

Shortly after, maybe a year and a day
We find these two hippies with a child on the way.
This child was raised in a life of art and culture
But some may mistake it for oddities and torture.

Four years had passed and left his land
To a world of power and fortune at hand.
Now this child is a bilingual ingle.

While pressured by science and logic
He always went back to the abstract and chaotic.
Einstein, Newton and Galileo
or Van Gogh, Mattise and Michelangelo.

To live up to likes of Basquiat, Dali and Duchamp
But only after being sent to jewish camp.

All of this may not mean much to most
But then again, it's all up to the host.

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